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About us

Haven Property works with leading developers around the world to find the best new-build properties for our clients. We aim to provide affordable investment opportunities delivering attractive and sustainable yields underpinned by good potential capital growth.

While most properties are available for the owners to occupy we concentrate on delivering investment returns rather than providing main residences. Many developers offer structured finance options including mortgages when necessary.

Low Risk Investment

Most of our investments provide specific title deeds so ownership is secured - no collective or shared ownership structures

Consistent Income

Opportunities often include guaranteed rental agreements to provide a secure and dependable income stream


Investments from £20,000 upwards. The majority of our opportunities are affordable to most investors particularly as financing is often available

Why Property

Historically property investment has been one of the greatest methods of wealth creation. With the global population projected to increase considerably in the foreseeable future there will be no let up in the demand for housing or agricultural land. The astute investor will be gauging markets and investing in opportunities with the best growth potential.


Haven Property offers a wide selection of properties that will suit most investment portfolios. A diverse range includes car parking and hotel investment alongside simple land purchase, traditional buy-to-let properties and forestry investment:


We have a large selection of new-build apartments located in thriving city centres to attract the best rental income. Returns often assured by contract.

Care Home Rooms

Buy-to-let opportunites via room investment within the care sector generate steady long-term returns. Catagorised as commercial property so a potential pension investment.

Car Parking

A very lucrative investment for minimal outlay, a parking space requires no maintenance and the parking operators usually pay aggregated rental income to smooth the income stream.


Hotel Rooms

A well located business class hotel will enjoy high occupancies and deliver consistent and attractive yields to owners. Investors may also benefit from a share of the overall operational profit.

Student Accommodation

Purpose-built units in key university towns offer excellent income for a reasonable capital outlay. Deemed to be commercial property so a potential pension investment.

Workspace Investment

Embrace the burgeoning workspace revolution and earn significant income over the medium term. We have workspace opportunities across the globe.


An ideal pension investment for clients looking for lump sum windfalls in a 10-20 year time frame. Considerable tax breaks add to the attraction and freehold ownership is possible.

Special Situations

HNW & Sophisticated Investors Only: Wide variety of specilised investment opportunities including high yield property bonds, development funding, and strategic land ownership.


Most property investments deliver the best returns over time but in many cases a regular income can be enjoyed in the meantime:

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Contact us for further information on current and future opportunities. Please feel free to call or email directly to enquiries@haven-property.com.

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